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31sundayordinarytime.pngIn Jesus' day, tax collectors were hated people. They collaborated with the Romans and were despised by many Jewish people. The tax system allowed them to charge more than necessary so that they could make a profit for themselves. Consequently, they were considered sinners by their own people. Observers in the crowd that day grumble because Jesus dines with a sinner. Throughout the Gospels there are examples Jesus' hanging out with the “wrong kind of people” that set him apart from other observant Jews of his time. He inserted himself into the lives of people who needed healing, forgiveness and who needed reconnection into the community. And in the process, he encountered people like Zacchaeus who were open and eager for salvation.

In Jewish culture of the day, to dine together was to show a bond of fellowship and peace among those at the table. Observant Jews did not generally dine with foreigners and sinners. Yet, Jesus chooses to honor the tax collector by inviting himself into his house. Jesus wishes to insert himself into the man’s life to “seek and to save what was lost.”

Zacchaeus, we know from Luke's description, was short, the chief tax collector and wealthy. In his search for salvation, he humbled himself by making a spectacle of himself by climbing a tree.

Jesus recognizes the faith of this tax collector exhibited in his search for salvation and calls him down from the tree. In the hospitality he extends to Jesus, and in his conversion of heart, Zacchaeus’ response to Jesus’ outreach is to promise to generously help the poor and right any wrongs he may have done to others.

This Gospel offers us two possible responses. First, we may find ourselves in need of reconnecting with Jesus to receive his mercy, healing and forgiveness. Or, we may be challenged to insert ourselves into the lives of those rejected, or on the margins of our society. In any case, God’s miracles await us.


  • Men's Fellowship

    Attention Men! The Men’s Fellowship, at Resurrection Parish, invites all men of the parish to our bi-monthly meetings on the first and third Wednesday of the month starting at 7:30pm in the Resource Room.  There will be light refreshments.

    We will meet in an informal setting discussing the subject listed in the schedule below. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Deacon Rich at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 973-714-2952. 

     If you are not sure where Catholicism fits into your life, have questions about the faith, or just need your spiritual life reinvigorated this evening’s informal and confidential discussion may be what you’re looking for.

    Men's Fellowship schedule 2018-2019 rev.

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    If you are a Catholic who has been away from regular Mass attendance, please know you are most welcome to join us at any of our worship services and parish functions.  Should you like more information about our parish or should you simply want to talk about coming back home, contact our administrator Fr. John Tarantino, or Deacon Ray, Director of Ministries at 973 895-4224. 

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    If you are new to Resurrection Parish or have been coming to Mass for a while, we ask that you stop by and speak with Fr. Tarantino,  about becoming part of our parish family. Registration forms can be found in the Narthex; and can be filled out and put in the collection box - or you can download the registration here.

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