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prodigal sonThe Fourth Sunday of Lent is traditionally called Laetare Sunday. Laetare is a Latin word for “rejoice.” Today's Gospel  Lk 15:1-3, 11-32 describes the reason for the joy.

Today's parable of the lost son or the prodigal son—invites us to consider the depth of God's mercy and love.

The prodigal is at first, the focus of the parable, as he takes his inheritance and squanders it. What makes the story special and suggests a different name for the parable is the unusual behavior of the father. Eventually the now broke son returns, and the father welcomes the wasteful son home by throwing him a lavish party to celebrate his return. We say that this father is loving and forgiving. Yet these adjectives only begin to describe the depth of love and mercy that characterize the father.

Some have suggested that the story should be named after the father and his overflowing love. The oldest son watches the father welcoming his younger brother. As you know the parable ends with the complaint of the older brother about the fathers lavish generosity and the assurance that his older son too is loved.

The father invites the older son to celebrate and rejoice because his brother, “…was lost and has been found.” The story, however, is incomplete. Did the older brother remain unwilling to join the celebration? Did he ever reconcile with his father and younger brother? Has the older son's jealousy revealed his limited understanding of the depth of his father's love?

Perhaps the incomplete story is intentional. We must consider the reaction of the “good son.” We believe that God is merciful and if the parable stopped there it would be a wonderful story. But Jesus made it a real challenge. Do we believe in God's mercy enough accept it and then to extend it to others?


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