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Resurrection Parish
Children’s Ministry Religious Formation Program Grade K-5

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The Religious Formation Program of Resurrection Parish under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, continues the mission of Jesus Christ to bring about the kingdom of God, by offering opportunities to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Scripture, Liturgy, Doctrine and Sacraments.

We are committed to building community by continuing service which fosters faith, maintains hope and encourages love of God, self and others.

Main Office Hours Day Time
Monday through Thursday~ 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Friday~ Closed
Phone: 973-895-4224, ext 104

Pastor Rev. John Tarantino
Coordinator of Religious Formation – Mrs. Lorraine Scandariato
Ministry Assistant – Mrs. Shannon Civetta
Ministry Assistant - Mrs. Barbara Trimiglozzi


Parents should consult the parish website and weekly Sunday Bulletin for general information regarding the Religious Formation Program. Although written communication reflecting changes in the program calendar or special up-coming events will be emailed, the website and Sunday Bulletin does provide another means of communicating information about the program.   


All children scheduled for classes are instructed to adhere to the following directions regarding arrival procedures:

Baptismal Certificates
All children enrolled in our Religious Formation must provide a copy of their Baptismal certificate upon entering the program.  For those requiring this Blessed Sacrament, we are happy to help with the arrangements.  

Grades 1 - 5 (Glory and Praise): Our program meets from 8:00-9:20am followed by our 9:30am family Mass.  Classes are generally held twice a month on alternating Sundays starting September through June.  Grade 2 sessions end in April.

Children are to be brought and picked up from their classrooms by a parent or guardian.  No child will be dismissed early without a prior written note and are not permitted to leave the classroom until a parent/guardian arrives at the door.  Any car pool arrangements must also be in writing and submitted to your child’s teacher upon arrival to class.  

Parents are requested to call or email the Religious Formation Office when their child will be absent from class. Please make sure that your child is on time and in attendance on a regular basis to classes. We strongly encourage your child to attend all sessions. However, they are permitted up to four excused absences per year. Make-up chapter homework will be assigned to all students who miss a class.  The completed work will be submitted to the Director of Children’s Ministry.  Students who miss too many classes may be asked to repeat the entire year.   

1.     Attendance at every session is essential.
2.     Everyone is expected to be on time.
3.     No one is permitted to leave class early unless granted prior permission
from the Coordinator of Religious Formation.
4.     Students must attend classes for two consecutive years before the first
reception of the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation. (Transfer
students must show proof of regular attendance from past parish.)
5.     All medical appointments, group or organizational meetings, athletic and
extra-curricular activities are to be arranged at a time when the religion
classes are not in session. It is our policy NOT to dismiss children early for
sports activities.
6.    Children with perfect attendance will receive a certificate at the end of the year.
7.    Students are permitted up to four (4) excused absences per year.  Make-up homework is assigned to students who miss a class.  Students who miss too many classes may be asked to repeat the year.

In the event of snow / bad weather, you will be notified if we have to cancel our workshop.  All cancellations will be posted on our parish website and announced on our parish main office number at (973) 895-4224.  You will also receive an email from us.  We strongly encourage you to check with us before attempting to drive your child to Religious Formation class.  

The Catechists, staff and children may participate in special celebrations during the course of the program year. These celebrations provide the children with an opportunity to share faith, build community and worship with one another.  Parents may be called upon to assist in some way in the facilitation of these celebrations. We ask for cooperation and support in these endeavors.

Kindergarten classes are held once a month eight times during the school year.  Classes are generally held October through May. This program combines song, prayer, activities from Old and New Testament Bible stories to bring our young children to a realization that God is a joyous and caring Father.

Grades 1 to 5
Children enrolled in these grades will be using Our Sunday Visitor’s “Call to Faith” series for our workshops. “Call to Faith” is a catechetical program centered on the powerful, essential message of the gospel.  This spiral approach curriculum offers the basics of the Catholic faith presented at every grade level in an age-appropriate manner. These books offer us the opportunity to show your children how learning about and practicing their Catholic faith is the best preparation for living as a community of faith, committed to a gospel transformation of the world.  Conducting the family enrichment activities from the Family Faith pages found in your child’s “Call to Faith” workbook at the end of each chapter is strongly encouraged.  Please visit the “Call to Faith” website for additional information:


Children in grades 1-5 will be assigned homework that centers on Catholic prayers.  Each grade is assigned a specific prayer to learn and have memorized by the end of the school year.  Because prayer is an essential part of Catholicism and a faith filled life, it is our goal for students to know the following prayers by the end of Grade 5:  The Sign of the Cross, The Lord’s Prayer, The Glory Be, Hail Mary, Act of Contrition, The Gloria, and the Apostle’s Creed.  

Sacramental Program – Grade 2
Children enrolled in our Sacramental Program will also use separate booklets for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist preparation.  Children will work with parents at home on assignments and will bring to class for follow up discussion.    

Children are prepared for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance) in the second grade. Parent meetings are offered in order to help them prepare their child for the sacrament. Children, along with their parents, are expected to attend our Reconciliation workshop to prepare them for this special sacrament.  Children celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time in our parish chapel with Father Tarantino.  This individual confession between the child and the priest is held during the Lenten season.  We are committed to prepare your child for first penance, although if you feel your child is not ready to receive this sacrament, it can be postponed to a later date. We will provide material to determine readiness.  

Parent meetings are held to assist in their child's preparation. The children, along with their parents, are expected to attend our Jesus Day retreat to prepare them for their actual participation in the celebration of First Eucharist. Each spring we offer six separate Communion Masses for parents to choose from.  

Children in Grade 2 preparing for the First Eucharist along with their families are asked to be Gift Bearers to present the gifts at the Lord’s Table at one regularly scheduled weekend Mass celebration.  

Our religious formation program is continuously seeking individuals to volunteer their time and talents to provide us with a number of needed services each year. If you would like to assist us in one or more of the volunteer capacities listed below, please contact the Children’s Ministry Office at 973-895-4224 ext 104.

•    CATECHIST - to teach the doctrines of the faith to the children.
•    CATECHIST ASSISTANT - to assist the catechist in the classroom, assist with arrival and dismissal.
•    OFFICE HELP – to assist the staff in general administrative tasks relating to the program.
•    SUBSTITUTE CATECHIST ASSISTANT – To assist the catechist in the classroom, assist with arrival and or dismissal.
•    Summer Vacation Bible School (VBS) VOLUNTEER – Parents are needed to volunteer in an assortment of ways such as counselors, crafts, games, snacks, etc.  Sign up is in June.

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Novena To Holy Family:
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Eucharistic Adoration
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