Jesus said pick up your cross and follow me. What does that mean for us? The Cross is the primary symbol of our Christian faith. However, we associate it only with pain and suffering. It brings to mind Jesus Passion and Death, and our own difficult times. We tend to see the Cross in our own lives as involving only the periods of pain and suffering.
Jesus brought his entire life to the Cross, not just his pain and suffering. He had many occasions of good times and joy, just as we do. In reality the cross encompasses our entire life, both the good times and the bad. Jesus brought the entire human family to the Cross with him. We are a mixture of strengths and weaknesses, joy and suffering, light and darkness. Jesus was sent to draw all people to himself, and then to offer them up to his Father. This includes our joys as well as our weaknesses and sins.
The makeup of the Cross itself is all encompassing. Jesus’ Cross was made of wood. In the form of various trees wood is found over most of the earth. We are surrounded by living trees, and wood in our homes and possessions. Not only is wood functional, it is a source of beauty and awe. I’m writing this looking out the window of our Vermont house at the beauty of the Green Mountains. It is a beautiful example of God’s creative power.
The Cross is made up of two beams, horizontal and vertical. Both are necessary. If one is missing we don’t have a cross. The vertical represents our relationship with God and the horizontal our relationship with one another. The two beams meet at Jesus.
Jesus’ Body, except for his arms and shoulders, is located on the vertical beam. He is pointing up to the Father, at the same time His arms are attached to the horizontal beam holding all people in a loving embrace.
Our lives are a journey home to God. We follow Jesus in varying ways. We don’t all follow the same path, but we are all headed in the same direction. We can help each other by the example we set and willingly sharing our joys and our pain with those with whom we come in contact.
If we choose, the Cross can become much more a part of our daily lives.

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